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Cleaning, Washing, Drying & Blow-Off Systems Specialists

Pioneer Industries has been custom designing and fabricating process equipment for cleaning, drying and blow-off systems since 1965.Complete cleaning, washing, drying and blow off sytems available. Our experience has shown, that no two applications are the same and that the recipe for "clean and dry",while utilizing a blow-off system, must conform to the customers' existing conditions. It is this custom capability and over 35 years of experience that separates Pioneer Industries from it's competitors.

Custom Designs

Pioneer Industries has body washers, final finish washers, water test systems, stationary and conveyorized body carrier cleaners, laundry cart sanitize and wash systems, clean tunnels for every application, 25HP to 160HP part and body blow-off systems operating throughout the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.

Large vehicle and train wash - blow off systems.Over the years Pioneer has developed many unique and highly efficient systems to solve a variety of industrial problems. A typical example being body wash / blow-off systems to remove oil and grinding dust by incorporating simple but extremely efficientfiltration systems, processing 80+ units per hour. Pioneer’s approach to cleaning varies with each application using combinations of warm or ambient water, at various pressures and volumes, brushes of various materials and specialized chemicals.

Pioneer Systems are currently used throughout the United States and Canada to wash, clean and blow-off dry many diverse items, such as shock absorbers, combine harvesters and diesel locomotives. Pioneer Industries is a registered vender for all North American car/truck and agricultural vehicle assembly plants as well as most major tier 2 parts suppliers.

If you have particular cleaning, blow-off or washing demands, let Pioneer Industries design the perfect solution for you





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