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Cubicle Style Cartwash and Sanitizing System

The PIONEER Sanitizing Cart Washer features low consumption of water and energy, highly competitive pricing, and stainless steel Pioneer Industries cubicle style sanitizing cart wash system.construction. With its multiple high-velocity water jets, this unit will effectively and quickly sanitize a cart, using a unique fresh water exchange system, which ensures that sanitizing is achieved with a minimum of plant water consumption (3 Gall/cart). The washer/sanitizing system saves energy and adds to operator comfort by using room-temperature water (although hot water may be used if desired). These units are suitable for washing and sanitizing virtually any metal or molded cart. Stainless steel construction gives the Pioneer / Washer / Sanitizer an outstanding clean appearance, cleanliness, and resistance to external damage. Carts are easily loaded and removed. The unit shown installed through a barrier wall is most common and will have doors facing “soiled” and “sanitary” sides, to prevent the cross-contamination of air flow.

Picture: 2CW, Cart Wash Shown With
Immersion Heater and Exhaust Fan

Features and Options

  • 304 Stainless Steel panel Enclosure bolted and sealed to Stainless steel tubular frame
  • Multiple 1.5” Stainless Steel pipe wash and final rinse arches
  • Doors are safety interlock during the wash cycle and will not operate while any door is open. Override palm push controls disengage the door latches allow for door latches to be opened from the inside in the event of an Emergency, optional windows.
  • Doors Hinged either left or right with HD freezer door latches and hinges optional window
  • Washes both bin and shelf type plastic, aluminum, or Stainless steel carts
  • Low volume (3gall) Fresh Hot water final rinse with rinse aid injector
  • Optional 25kw Hot water immersion heater with 3hp exhaust fan

Pre Wired Control Panel With 3ph 60amp Disconnect

  • Stop/Start Audio Alarm Cycle complete (Timed)
  • System Ready-Green Light Amber – Operating Light and Red fault lights
  • Remote Operator controls
  • Fault Alarm Notification
  • Manual selector switches
  • Function selector Indicator Lights

Pump Systems

The pump unit Volume and HP will increase (from 100 to 200GPM using Peerless centrifugal Pumps-C/W10-15 HP 3ph motor) as the unit model size changes CW-1, CW-2, CW-4; describing the number of cart(s) being washed at one time from-1 to 4.

Optional Water Heater

20-30Kw 460v-575v 3ph Electric immersion heater.

Site specific Mechanical and Civil Drawings Supplied

General Layouts showing Generic Sump Drawing, Grating, Sump Pit and Overflow, Concrete Curbs, as well as field wiring and panel layouts, also fully documented text and illustration installation instructions.

“The Pioneer Laundry Cart Wash and Sanitizer”

The 2CW model shown is designed to wash two carts every 2-3min.

How It Works

Typical Wash & Sanitizing Cycle

    1. The doors are opened and cart(s) are pushed into the wash system entrance and positioned in the centre of the spray headers.

Sanitizing the Cart

    2. After the doors are Latch securely and the Start button pressed on the operator control panel, each cart will then be flooded with up to 100 gallons of water per min drawn from the holding tank below the wash. This will provide a total immersion of the cart(s). Flooding the cart from every angle, in a quaternary detergent solution will allow a germicidal bath in the sanitizing solution; over an elapsed time and at concentration; which is to be established by the Chemical supplier.

    3. The “Wash / Sanitizing” pump will continue to run for a measured time (adjustable with a timer 60--120 sec) and shut down

    4. For as long as the pump is running, a receptacle on the side of the panel will become active (fixed time), a chemical pump plugged into the receptacle will then dispense a measured amount of fresh chemical into the wash water pump flow.

    5. By Adding additional chemical with every cart washed, the water reservoir is kept in a sanitary condition as the additional rinse water falls into the sump and purges to drain.

City Water Rinse and Rinse Aid

    6. The final rinse is the key ingredient in the fresh water exchange system, as well as enhancing the drying capabilities. After each “Wash / Sanitizing” cycle, approximately 3 to 10 gallons of fresh plant water and drying agent, spray over the cart which falls into the sump. The rinse time is also adjustable @ 5 --30 sec.

    7. During the rinse cycle a “rinse aid” chemical is drawn into the water flow through an adjustable venturi valve located on top of the unit. (For correct volume consult chemical supplier) By Adding fresh water & rinse aid with every cart washed, the water reservoir is maintained in a sanitary condition. However, periodic purging of the sump will be necessary depending on the cart-wash volume

    8. After the wash/rinse is complete the green ready light will come on – A warning alarm sounds and carts can then be removed. However if the wash water is heated with the optional Immersion heater the Exhaust fan will start after a short delay to evacuate the steam from inside the enclosure the alarm will sound notifying that the carts can be removed.

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