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The Pioneer Quick-Slide Curtain is an effective way of providing a separation of environments wherever quick access is required. This may be air contamination due to, dust, fumes, noise, high or low temperatures. The 50% overlapping plastic strip curtain separates in the center and rapidly pulls to each side and closes at the same rate. When closed, a clear view is provided and although air transfer is effectively blocked, safe pedestrian passage is always possible in the event of a power failure.

Custom Sizing and Curtain Materials Available Quickslide curtain seperating two distinct environments.

Pioneers' construction is all heavy duty. Pneumatic cylinder operation allows full adjustment of opening and closing speeds. There are many combinations and layouts available to suit any application. Structural steel supports provide ample rigidity, while ceiling mounting is also possible. Cold weather applications for vehicle access to the outside of a building a standard 10' wide Quick- Slide Curtain is typically mounted inside of the manual or automatic roll up door (which is often left open during work times wasting valuable heat/air conditioning) This allows for quick in and out access, while conserving hot or cool air within the building.

Where area isolation yet quick entry - exit is essential.To contain fumes within a plant or warehouse the Quick-Slide Curtain can be mounted in enclosed areas where paint, welding, or other fumes must be exhausted outside without affecting the overall plant air.

This application may be used within an industrial facility where the air has been modified to supply filtered air (paint or coating areas) or cold air such as a walk in freezer.

LOW MAINTENANCE! Self lubricating pivots and ball bearing slides and pivots.

All Quick-Slide Curtain hardware is plated to prevent corrosion. The 4"x4" tubular vertical and horizontal supports are primed and painted blue, red or yellow. Pivots and slides are ball bearing, and pivots are self lubricating. To add additional weight to the strips for windy locations two pieces of carpeting can be supplied , attached on either side of the vinyl strips (30" long from the floor up). In addition, individual orange safety strips as shown in the above pictures can be added to identify post clearance, or used for all strips to reduce glare from welding operations. (green welding strips are also available for use as welding curtains)

Features and Technical Specs


The Pioneer Quick-Slide Curtain strips are typically 12" wide and 3/16" thick clear vinyl and are mounted so as to overlap by 6", creating a double row barrier. Although a standard 10' unit with a 7'w x 8' high opening is standard, units as large as 13'-6" with an 8'-6" x 9' high opening are available, as well as smaller units.


The curtain is operated pneumatically by two heavy industrial cylinders, which are then controlled by various electrical or manual devices. Photoelectric cells are the standard operators, however any signal from a remote or local source can be used to operate the supplied electro/pneumatic solenoid valve.

Control Panels

Electrical Interface panels can be provided where necessary. Contact the factory for pricing. Typical equipment supplied will be a photocell with a built in time delay "off" and an electro/pneumatic solenoid operator.

Opening Speed

Flow control valves control the speed of opening and closing. Speeds of less than 1 second opening and closing can be achieved, however a 2 second opening speed is more typical, as end of stroke shock, will reduce the hardware life.




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