Laundry Cart Wash & Handling Systems

The Pioneer “Cart Handler” ™ was developed to handle the many problems generated with thePioneer Industries cart handler. movement of laundry carts throughout a Central Laundry.

Enabling Solutions:

1. To guarantee a sanitized Cart.
2. The elimination of designated personnel to transport carts from a soiled
    side to the clean side.
3. To Separate Clean Side from soil Side personnel.
4. To provide orderly cart Storage
5. To Deliver carts Exactly where They Are Required. (At a rate of one Cart
    Every Minute)


Engaging the Cart

  • The Conveyor is designed to automatically engage the cart on the top front lip. To achieve this, the cart is pushed into the system entrance under the conveyor pick-up.The Cart Handler system can handle one cart per minute.
  • The hook will drop from the overhead conveyor into the top of the open cart, engaging the front lip as it travels forward
  • Custom hook length enables carts of various heights of to be washed at the same time.
  • The speed of the system can be infinitely regulated, & set not to exceed the ability to continuously load carts without spaces
  • The STANDARD “Cart Handler” ™ system is designed to operate at ONE CART A MINUTE (This translates into 7' of chain per minute)
  • When the cart enters the stainless steel enclosure; the high volume pump begins flooding the cart from every angle. The cart is effectively submerging in a (100gpm- 380l) wall of sanitizing chemical solution 5' long 6' high 5' wide.
  • The pump will continue to run for as long as the cart is within the Wash / Sanitizing section
  • Each time the pump is turned on, a measured amount of fresh detergent is injected into the water flow “Chemical pump by chemical supplier”.

City Water Rinse

The final rinse is the key ingredient in the water exchange system, as well as enhancing the drying capabilities. When each cart passes, Laundry cart chemical and water wash and rinse.approximately 3 to 5 gallons of fresh water and drying agent spray on the cart. By Adding fresh water & chemical with every cart washed, the wash water reservoir is kept in a sanitary condition.

Blow-Off System.

The Patented Cyclonic Nozzle Set UpLaundry cart blow off system.

The Pioneer Cyclonic blow-off system is a unique drying technology developed and perfected for the auto industry. Its principle advantage is that it can propel and maintain a 200mile/hour air stream over a much greater distance than a conventional slot air knife. This patented design will push the majority of water off the carts and provide a positive air pressure from the laundry clean side to the soiled side.


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