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Pioneer Has Been Washing and Drying Vehicles For Over 35 Years.

Our roots in the retail car wash industry gave us the experience and the ability to custom design all manner of washing equipment. Since those early days, our experience and know-how has brought Pioneer into automotive and parts plants. We design and manufacture washing systems for parts, auto bodies, and finished vehicles of all sizes - including locomotives. Pioneers systems incorporate filament brushes, cloth brushes and even wire and abrasive filament brushes.

Pioneer Soft Cloth Wash Units

Pioneer Industries offers state of the art control packages and extra heavy duty structures and Car Wash Foamer Archmechanical components. Brush arms are pneumatically controlled and are FAIL SAFE!. The brush arms self adjust for a wide variety of vehicle sizes and shapes. These units come in various configurations and are used in commercial and Industrial final finish applications .Pioneer Systems offer ease of maintenance, robust components of all North American origin and over 35 years of design and innovation excellence. Pioneer's custom automotive rated brush packages are designed and built with the demands of auto plant duty in mind. These heavy duty packages are made for non-stop continuous operation. Multiple brush arms and specialty sail, sill and fender brushes can be added for specific area cleaning. Filament brushes are efficient yet gentle and can be used for both cleaning and spreading and for "working in" process chemicals - such as degreasers. Pioneer manufactures its own automotive duty hydraulic power packs and control systems, all using heavy duty and plant specified components.

Foamer Arches

Foamer arches are a typical feature of all car wash systems. Not only do they apply the cleaning chemical, but thisSoft cloth wash system. process also provides vitally important brush lubrication, protecting the final finish. Here, a commercial car/van wash systems' foamer arch is shown in operation producing copious amounts of foam at an extremely economical operating cost. Our system uses no moving parts and is virtually maintenance free. Soft cloth washes use curtain type top brushes, where the sides are a reduced speed rotary type.

Specialty Washing Equipment

Specialty Washing Equipment like this split top brush "body wash"Specialty wash system with filament brush package. brush unit are available to accommodate body carrier configurations that would make conventional designs unusable. These brush arms retract around carrier arms to fully wash the vehicle surface and are fully fail safe. Here a Pioneer filament type brush package is used in a commercial fleet application. Pioneer has many of such systems in use, servicing hotels, Bell Canada garages and automotive plant executive garages. These systems come in an endless array of different configurations, depending on the customers needs and vehicle types. Soft cloth brushes are also available.





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