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Custom Solutions For All Vehicle Sizes And Types

Pioneer can tailor these systems for any operating situation and vehicle type. Pioneer manufactures large scale vehicle washing equipment as Large vehicle brush - wash - blow off system.well. Here a panel truck is washed in a system designed for a major department store chain. Filament brushes, articulated cloth curtains, low and high pressure spray arches effectively cleans all exterior and underbody surfaces. Specific controls and optional features were included with this equipment to accommodate for the demands of Canadian winters, and the snow/slush, and heavy dirt accumulation. Options include heated wetting arches, wheel scrubbers and specific area high pressure "Dirt Blasters". Pioneer can tailor these systems for any operating situation and vehicle type. Our design department can co-ordinate with building contractors and subs, including services and equipment room layouts.

This Pioneer System washes semi tractor trailers for a major grocery supplier. Features such as full Tractor trailer wash systems.height side brushes (with varied density), short footprint design, top dual action friction curtain, and high volume reticulated wetting arches take care of the toughest cleaning situations. Pioneer incorporated maintenance ladders into the hot dipped galvanized framework and quick change brush sections. Effective, fast washing with minimal operator intervention and low maintenance requirements





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