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The PMU booth is not a shower but a contained “mist” or fog in which the occupant is enveloped. The space available for the booth will typically be about 48" square inside and form part of a sealed barrier wall requiring an entrance and exit door through this booth as the transition from the work area to thePersonnel misting unit showing misting fog. de-gowning area. There are several operating sequences required, requiring safety interlocks. PLC Programming ensures that under no circumstances can the personnel leave a work area without passing through the booth and the misting sequence. The misting sequence requires that water be atomized so fine as to become an all encompassing fog enabling water to remain airborne and envelop every surface of the occupants protective clothing. After a predetermined elapsed time the high volume blow-off system activates circulating 1,800cfm, immediately clearing the booth of mist and blowing at the occupant through directional air vents. The purpose of the air vents, apart from dispersing the mist, is to ensure that any mist that has collected on the suit and formed a droplet is dispersed over the suit, preventing drips. The system is capable of being cleaned and serviced from within the enclosure as no exterior wall of the enclosure can be accessed from the outside. All servicing and cleaning is performed through the exit door, while still maintaining security from the work area side. The doors are secured with a maglock see image left but able to be released during a “panic” situation while still enabling only one door at a time to be opened. Air within the booth is filtered and contained. The interior presents a smooth Stainless surface, reducing the possibility of trapping any powdered pathogens. Finally, This system is capable of meeting all labour safety codes for this industry.

To keep the fine internal nozzle pathways clear a self-cleaning feature is incorporated in the nozzle operated after every operation. In addition it is possible to access the nozzle spray tip if necessary from the face of the Personnel misting unit exhaust vents.enclosure for servicing. Each nozzle is spaced to ensure complete coverage, a louvered air vent is positioned between each nozzle, 6 in total, 3 per side directed to give complete coverage. An interior light assists in reducing any claustrophobic effects and an exhaust fan which activates when a door is opened ensures that at all times the air remains negative with door open or closed, preventing migration of any pathogens beyond the booth. All stainless steel construction with minimal seams.  Removable center panel provides access to nozzles and connections. Clean Stainless steel design. Periodically the walls will require a wipe down to remove the calcium deposit left after evaporation of the many misting cycles. By selecting the (Keyed Maintenance) cycle at the exit operator panel the entrance door is automaticallyDoors are secured using electronic maglock. locked, showing in use on the entrance panel. Once the cleaning has been completed the exit door is closed selector returned to the AUTO position and the system is ready for use. Booth interior sanitizing Is accomplished by the introduction of a chemical agent in a programmed misting cycle, initiated bi-weekly or as often as required. Any maintenance either electrical or mechanical is accomplished from the exit door or overhead via an access-ceiling panel. All piping and electrical devices are accessed from within the booth by removing the center panel. Two additional external override push button sub panels are provided, enabling override capabilities from outside the booth for the following reasons. Accessing from the work area if an occupant faints inside the decontamination unit? A reset button on the entrance side will allow immediate access. Also the exit door is the only door unlocked at the end of a cycle; in an emergency access is available from the exit. All system controls and push buttons are 24v pre-wired and to eliminate the possibility of an electric shock the devices are wired directly to a central pre-wired control panel where the PLC monitors and controls the cycle and logic sequences




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